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How much can you save?
Brand new phones lose up to 30% in price right after use, refurbished phones retain a higher value than brand new. Many of us avoid buying used phones due to a lack of assurance. This is why certified refurbished phones make better sense. We understand, however, that sometimes a product may not be what you expected it to be, so Chendol rePhones come with 14 days return.
What’s the difference in quality?
Flagship phones are built to last. rePhones are a testament to Chendol and they are very different from pre-owned. Chendol rephones are sold near-mint, showing next to no signs of previous use. There may be minimal amounts of scuffing (if at all). You shouldn’t expect to see any visible scratches, chips or significant blemishes. Each phone is assessed by an external vendor using a multi-point testing software to make sure all listed components are working.

When was your last accident?
1 in 4 individuals damage or lose their phones each year. Accidents like these creates confusion, costs time and money. Chendol rePhones covers practically everything. Simply drop us a message at chendol.com/chat and have another phone (of the same model) delivered to your doorstep in 2hrs. Excess fee of 15% the manufacturer retail price applies for a 1 for 1 exchange (otherwise, its 40% for loss). After all, a significant portion of the premiums are given back to users who take good care of their phones after 12 months.
Why is this relevant?
When you buy refurbished, you are prolonging a product lifespan. It is hard to believe that each of us discarded 11kg of e-waste (that’s about 73 phones) in 2017. Climate change becomes no laughing matter when you know sea levels are rising another 3m when the Antarctic melts. Consider refurbished phones a practical approach to live responsibly, however small a step may be.