Why Chendol?

For too long, consumers of extended warranty plans have gotten the short end of the stick. Product protection plans are often seen as a ploy by retailers to increase sales commission, with little value-add to consumers. Price of these plans are marked up as high as 900% the original cost. Chendol seeks to revolutionize the industry by adopting a social approach towards underwriting, and riding on technology.

9 out of 10 individuals worry about warranty when buying electronic goods. 45% of us have a phone damaged before. Driven by sustainability, we believe good phones deserve to be fully utilized, fulfilling its true worth while being protected against any mishaps or unforeseen circumstances at the same time.

How did Chendol come about?

The founders got the idea at a popular dessert cafe along Serangoon Gardens when one of them refused to get his phone repaired due to the ridiculous prices quoted. Believing that they could develop a sustainable phone solution that made better sense for everyone, Chendol was incorporated.