Chendol: A new kid on the block

Finding the right and most suitable coverage for your expensive phone can be a tough decision. Often bogged down by a plethora of doubts and questions surrounding the efficacy of coverage plans, users would normally opt to ride their luck, assuring themselves that by being a little bit more careful, their phones will come out unscathed for the two odd years or so of its lifespan. 

Regrettably, the unvarnished truth is that complacent users are often the ones who are made to bear the brunt for this earlier oversight, resulting in them spending way more money than they already have on phone repairs or replacements. The latest iPhone 11, although affordable, can break one’s bank just by repairing a broken screenf. 

For the more savvy users, how then do they go about picking the right phone coverage plan that will alleviate their financial burden in the event something unfortunate befalls their precious phones? Will I get what was promised? Will my money be well spent? Will it be too much of a hassle making the claim? Will I be wasting hundreds of dollars a year for coverage? 

Prioritising and solving these problems has seen the emergence of a new kid on the block, Chendol. This startup prides itself on providing swift solutions to subscribers’ phone problems through convenient and efficient means. With a user-friendly app and responsive team to communicate with, you can have your problems solved without even needing to leave the house. 

Against the backdrop of a phone protection plan landscape dominated by behemoth telco companies, Chendol’s subscription plan for only $9.90 per month presents savvy phone users with a dilemma. As illustrated in the table, the affordable monthly plan and wide array of attractive assurances stands Chendol in good stead compared to the bigger players in the phone protection industry. So what does Chendol uniquely offer? 


Full Coverage

Chendol subscribers will be entitled them to attractive discounts on phone replacements, redemptions and repairs. 

  • Replace
    • Dissatisfied with your current phone or its current state? Subscribers will be able to have their phones replaced with another phone of the same model or similar at at 85% discount. It works out at as a 1-1 replacement and your replacement phone will be delivered to your doorstep in approximately 2 hours. 
  • Redeem
    • Should a subscriber lose their phone, all he or she has to do is furnish Chendol with their email address for verification to be eligible for a 35% discount off a refurbished model, the same model as the one the subscriber lost. This option can only be exercised once every 12 months. 
  • Repair
    • iPhone 11 screen crack repairs are projected to cost between $400 – $500. A hefty sum. Just imagine the money you have to fork out if you crack your iPhone 11 screen twice. Chendol however, absorbs a substantial portion of this cost, leaving subscribers to pay only 35% of the total repair cost.  


Online Claims

Chendol has put a lot of thought and consideration into making claims a seamless and hassle-free process. With a navigable website and a user-friendly app, claims can be made online in a matter of minutes and subscribers will have their phone issues sorted out within a couple of hours. Apart from repairs, subscribers who replace or redeem a phone will receive their phones in a matter of hours right at their doorstep. 

50% Cashback

Spending hundreds of dollars a year on phone protection plans in today’s day and age is probably a wise investment, considering the extra costs one has to incur to repair or replace their phones if they weren’t covered by a plan. However, those who do not make any claims often come away feeling like they’ve wasted money in investing in a protection plan, potentially even discouraging them from purchasing again in the future. While Chendol offers an affordable subscription plan, it also has in place a 50% cashback reward to reward subscribers for not making any claims and for taking good care of their phones. Subscribers who do not make any claims within a 12 month cycle will get up to 50% of what they’ve paid back into their pockets. This system also serves to encourage subscribers to take better ownership of their phones. 

No one who pays for a phone protection plan should still have to fork out exorbitant amounts for repairs. Chendol may be the new kid on the block, but what it offers certainly makes it the cool kid on the block too.