The Chendol effect

The Chendol effect looking to impact was an idea conceived at a famous dessert stall along Serangoon Gardens by the two founders, Shawn and Yuxiang – when one of them refused to get his phone repaired due to the ridiculous prices quoted in the market. Their goal: To build a fairer phone economy that can benefit everyone.

In a landscape where uncertainty thrives and where hidden costs are an unpleasant surprise, Chendol aims to clear up any doubts and ambiguities by offering immediate and credible solutions to subscribers seeking coverage for their phones. The Chendol effect is designed to win the confidence of savvy smartphone users by offering them a peace of mind that abolishes any deep-seated anxieties linked to the misfortunes of their phones.

Through technology, they are able to mitigate risks and ensure that any phone issues are cleverly dealt with. Subscribers will be entitled to a slew of benefits in the form of phone coverage that includes, but not limited to – phone replacements, phone redemption and phone repairs – all at a significant discount. Should users feel the need to make a claim, the subscription is meant to serve them at their convenience whatever the issue with their phones may be, without the need to reason a story.

The Chendol effect is not only a warranty scheme protecting users’ phones but also an initiative looking to encourage better phone ownership by rewarding users with up to 50% cashback. Subscribers who do not make any claims during a 12-month span will be able to get back half of what they’ve paid.

Together with users, they hope to build a lasting and trustworthy relationship that will edge the start-up closer towards our common goal of servicing a better phone economy for everyone.

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